Can one camera be added to multiple accounts?

I have a quick question. I own two WYZE cameras and I have them on one master account. One of my cameras has been flashing red indicating that someone has been watching the camera, but my other camera has not been flashing, so I do not believe they have access to my WYZE account. Would there be any way someone could add my one camera to their account and watch the footage through their account? Also I do still have access to both cameras even though someone can watch through them if that is relevant. I can enter my camera and watch it while the person is watching the camera at the same time as well.

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you cannot add the same camera to multiple accounts. What you need to do is add it to the primary account and then share it with another account. The individual you share it with will have limited control of the camera.

Or you can simply log into another device with the primary account and all the devices will show up on that device as well.