Connecting multiple Wyze accounts

I am Wyze Customer for the past couple years I started off with the Wyze cam v1 and now I have the Wyze Cam v2 and the pan Cam contact sensors the lock is on its way I’m trying to set up a Wyze account for my dad and connected to my account so I could be able to install six cameras at his house the contact sensors and the lightbulbs and the Wyze lock for the front door back door and garage door left contact sensors on all the windows and doors so when a door is open and the lights turn on inside the house I have been using IFTTT for my house and it works perfectly but I would like to have access to my dad’s account to help him learn how to use the Wyze products I love Wyze products if anyone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it

If you set everything up at your dads place on your account you will have access to everything and he will have access to everything you have.
If you set everything up at his place on a different account you can use the login credentials to log into his account and have access to everything , you would have to log out of your account and log into his to access it , or you can use a separate device ( phone, tablet ) to stay logged into his account on that device.
You can also use the sharing feature which has limitations.

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Somebody told me that Wyze you could share your cameras and other products with somebody else’s account I guess I could just use his login credentials to help them out that way I just wish there was a way that I could have access to his system so I could be able to help them out without giving access to my account Thank you for your suggestions and your help

you can share your cameras and other products with someone else’s account the link I posted above tells you how to do it


Thank you so much I can’t wait until they release a storage device so we could save all our cameras locally just in case anything happens to the camera like get stolen that is happened to me before but thank you for the help I really appreciate it


Hmmm I think I understand, no additional accounts with full access.

You don’t have full access to cameras that are being shared with you , here is a wish list thread about that