Be able to separate products

I currently have my own Wyze Setup and also monitor and manage my In-Laws. It would be nice if we could switch between different Wyze accounts or networks to minimize the amount of devices being displayed. Basically a means of separating my devices from my in-laws without necessarily grouping devices.

If there is a way, can you please let me know


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Hi @spamoni4,

You can have as many Wyze accounts as you wish. You can log into one account and set up only your cameras. Then you can log out and log into another account and set up your in-laws’ cameras on that account. You will just need separate email addresses for each account.

It sounds as though you may already have yours and your in-laws’ on separate accounts. If so, just go to the Account tab, scroll down and tap the Sign Out button at the bottom. Then sign in with the other account.

You may want to hop over and vote for this #wishlist topic to someday make this a bit easier:


it would be nice to allow both to be active – meaning, no need to logout / in. but rather switch between accounts or networks. Other apps do similar things like the TP-Link Deco App when switching between different networks, I manage theirs as well as mine.

Just trying to cut down on the amount of login or logouts.

In addition, if I am added as a guest, I would like to be able to group theirs together as a non standard group. I don’t necessarily want to multi-stream camera’s, but just want to say: In-laws items and put the locks and camera’s in that grouping, and my stuff can go into my groupings.

then I can function as I do today.

Simply think of it as a container which you can put camera’s, locks, motion sensors, etc. and then name the container what you would like. then I could switch between container without logging in and out of the environments. Currently, I manager my in-laws stuff and have their items attached to my account but would like to separate it. Other items we put in at their house, I am a guest. Therefore, I can see the items in the full list of devices. again, I would put these in the same container as their camera’s.

hope that makes sense.


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Yes, makes sense. There are comments that would be great to add to the Multiple Users' Permissions for Shared Users wishlist topic.

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Why not create two separate groups - one for your equipment and a second for the in-laws ? That’s what we do (for the cams).

Because I don’t want to stream simultaneously. Also we have more than cameras, and I would like to put all of their stuff in a separate container. Currently, it appears you have to group like products together.

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