Separate Cameras into two accounts

I have 6 cameras total and wish to separate who can view them. I have two that I wish to make more private and only allow myself to view.

Not sure how to approach this.
Do I create another account?
How do I move the cameras to the new Account?
This will all be on the same WiFi.

Thank you

Welcome to the community @russ.matsenbaugh . I am a community member as you and try to help when I can.

First question, is it safe to assume you are the primary holder of te Wyze Account containing the camera’s. If that is the case and you didn’t share your credentials then then simplest option is to only share the camera’s you wish to share. Camera’s not shared will only be viewable by you.

If you gave out the account and password and don’t wish to change the password to the account, then the only option is to create a new account and place the private camera’s their. This can be accomplished by removing the camera’s from the current account and simply join them to the new account. They can reside on the same network.


So that was easy.
Changed the password in my account.
Created a new account for the other users.
Shared only the public cameras with them.
Took less than 5 minutes.

Thank you for the help.

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