Can I create two different accounts for two different cameras, at 2 different locations

Can i create to different Wyze app account if I have to different cameras at 2 different locations I don’t want them linked in a group example I’d like to share my store and keep my home private how do I do that

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There is a sharing feature but it is limited. You might have to okay around with it. Navigate to the camera then share camera.

Set up one account to one e-mail address and one account to a different e-mail address.

As alluded to above, you can create two separate Wyze accounts on two different email addresses. Log the app into one of them and set up the first camera. Then log out and log into the 2nd email to set up the 2nd camera.

However, if what you want to for you to be able to see both home and store, but allow another user to only be able to see the store, then you should set up both cameras on your account, and then share only the store camera to the other person.

More on camera sharing:

Back to the original question. Can one have two different accounts working at the sametime without logging in and out to receive notifications? I would like to keep my business accounts separate from home accounts and I don’t want to miss any notifications while I’m logged out. This in not a sharing one account question.

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I haven’t tested it, but I don’t think you’d get notifications from one account while the app is logged into a different account.

I think you’re probably back to needing to set up all cameras on one account, but only share selected cameras with other user(s).

That said, if you’re able to test receiving notifications from cameras on one account while logged into a different account, I’d be curious about the results.

Not sure Im clear on the answer to original question. I am trying to do the same . Is this possible?

Same here i got Home monitoring system at work and i would like to do the same at home , is it possible to stay logged in in both accounts and get notifications ?

It seems what is needed here, is to be able to run 2 instances of the wyze app each logged in to a different account.