Having 2 email accounts and 2 instances of wyze App

I need a way to access my 2 email accounts for 2 seperate cameras that DOES NOT require signing off and signing on each time I want to view the 2 different cameras
Has anyone found a way to do that ??

I don’t know of a way to have 2 different production apps on a device for viewing. What you could try is TinyCam Pro. I mention pro as that will allow it to run in your house and then you can connect to it via a browser.

You can test with the Free Tiny Cam, but that would require an Android Device, I believe. Once it is setup, you can add any supported Wyze Camera and log into each camera with the appropriate credentials.

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You could just use an old phone and have it just for your second set of cameras.

You could just share the cameras between the two accounts…

Is there some reason you have them on different Wyze accounts rather than one?

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