Multiple Wyze Accounts

I think I have read all the threads on this – but I still don’t have a clear answer in my head.

I have two homes. I want to be able to log into either home’s Wyze cameras. No sharing between homes.

What would really be nice is to have either:

  1. Two Wyze apps on my phone and I open the one I want or
  2. when I open my Wyze app, to be able to choose which home to connect to.


If you have Android you can create another user which allows you to run multiple copies of the same app with different Google accounts (which you would need to create multiple Wyze accounts anyway). It’s a bit of a pain to switch to another profile, and you won’t get notifications from that other profile, but it works. It’s basically a software way of having two phones, you just can’t use them both concurrently :slight_smile:

At a more basic level and one that works with iOS, you could also use two separate Wyze accounts and have a password manager autofill the username/password when you want to , then just sign in to the app using either account.

Just curious why you don’t want to share cameras, is that just for organization to keep things separate? If it’s just Wyze Cams you could create a camera group for each home.


I’d recommend one wyze app. Within the app make two groups. One for each home. You can share to another user but they are live viewers only. No historical playback.

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I’m running two houses - some cams are in groups based on house.
Works well except time lapse has to be done on a local network.

You can also go over and vote on this #wishlist topic.


Yes, I will do that. Thanks for the suggestion.

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