2 Homes, 2 Accounts, 2 Home Monitoring Plans

Hello, I currently have 2 separate Wyze accounts as I have 2 separate homes each with its own Home Monitoring service set up.

I know I can share each and every sensor, camera, etc with the other account and stay logged in to just 1 account, but there has to be a solution to staying signed in to two accounts at the same time.

I have tried using an app cloner as I am on android, but the cloned app kept crashing before opening.

Has anyone found a solution to this? I am currently running Pixel 6 Pro on Android 12.

Thanks and sorry if this has been posted about already.

I don’t have a solution for running two Wyze apps on one device, but the next best way to solve this may be to move all the Wyze devices you can to one account the next time you are at the remote location. That will give you full control of those in one account. Doesn’t matter that they are at two different locations. For Wyze devices that are being used by the Home Monitoring System there, you could drop back to the old standby of sharing them. I believe you can share the whole HMS system, but I’ve never tried that. Maybe that would reduce you to only one item shared.

You could also sign in from two different devices. Do you have a tablet? I don’t have two accounts, but I used to display 8 cameras on 2 different tablets when I was on travel to my sister’s house.

Note: The FAQs say they intend to support multiple Home Monitoring services under one Wyze account in the near future (written on Feb 4, 2022). So stay tuned for that. :slight_smile: