Can I have 2 Wyze accounts on 1 app. Work - Home

I have Wyze cameras set up at my bakery and I love it. There are 3 cameras that I can toggle between.
I want to set up a camera at my house. Do I, Can I use the same account? Or, Can I use a separate account through the app?
(The house cam would be on a totally separate wifi system.)

It’s fine to use the same app and same account at home. The different WiFi will be fine. (Set the cameras up on the WiFi network in which they will live.)

Edit: I’m assuming you mean an additional new camera for home. If you meant you want to move one of the 3 existing ones, you’d need to completely reset it or make the WiFi names (SSIDs) the same.

No. Closest thing might be multiple Android login profiles (never tried this, not sure it works) or using two phones/tablets.

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Youbcan set up as many as needed

As others have said, one account with cameras at two locations isn’t a problem I believe. However, If you are planning to incorporate other devices like the home monitoring kits it becomes an issue since you can only have one per account and can not be logged into multiple accounts at the same time.