Wyze Cam Plus Unlimited across multiple accounts

Thank you, Wyze, for (finally) creating an unlimited plan for Wyze Cam Plus. It is much appreciated. There is, however, one small challenge to overcome.

As you are aware, one Wyze account is not able to be set-up for Wyze Home Monitoring for multiple locations. It’s One Wyze Account for One instance of Wyze Home Monitoring Services. That means that for those of us who have multiple homes we needed to set up multiple Wyze accounts – one account for each home. Naturally and logically I have registered the Wyze Cams for each home to their corresponding (and different) Wyze account.

Since I have just purchased Wyze Cam Plus UNLIMITED, and since my Wyze Cams are split between multiple Wyze accounts, there needs to be a mechanism by which the Wyze Cams Plus UNLIMITED service can be assigned to the Wyze Cams registered to these various Wyze accounts. Right now only one set of my Wyze Cams are associated with Wyze Cam Plus UNLIMITED. I need to be able to add the other home to my Wyze Cam Plus UNLIMITED service.

Please advise how Wyze will manage this challenge.

–Thank you!

What we did is just share the cameras with the other accounts,and set up 1 cam on each account

Why would you set it up with different accounts? Why not everything in the same place?

When your service technicians manage over 87 cameras with multiple customers that’s why

Ok,. I didn’t think anyone on that level would go with Wyze

We have some customers that only have 2-4 cameras, and most of our maintenance customers are on SSI and fixed income