Unlimited cam plus subscription - two houses

Question concerning the unlimited subscription cam plus subscription service.

I have two seasonal homes. I noticed the unlimited subscription only allows unlimited cameras at one address. Can I sign up for the unlimited service and then assign cam plus to one house for part of the year and then unassign and reassign to another house for the remainder of the year?

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Are you using the same account for both locations? If you are, you should be able to add the cameras from each location to Cam Plus.


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It’s a super secret!

We all know what the subscription terms say. We also know that Wyze sold an Airbnb Side Hussle Starter pack at one point with a cam in it. How did they expect that to go with multiple rental locations?

When you install your cams to your Unlimited License, the App doesn’t slam the door on you when the cam is on a different WiFi or set off alarms at Wyze. They just install and run. :wink: