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Ok so, is the unlimited plan only for your cameras or can say for instance add others aka my parent’s cameras to the plan. I recently bought them some since they are older and I’d like to keep everything together to make it easier on them.

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There is some kind of “Terms of Use” somewhere I saw that says all the cameras in the unlimited plan have to all be at the same location, and can’t be used for cams at multiple addresses.

(Edit: See below for the exact reference)

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I’m confused

I have 11 wyze cameras at my house and 6 wyze cameras at another location 30 miles away and all of them are in my unlimited plan in my account and they still operate…

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I found it:

  1. Cam Plus Unlimited Plan applies up to 99 Wyze cameras at a single residential location and on the same Wyze account.

It’s number 3 at the bottom of this page:



I am not saying whether it works or not, I am simply referencing the terms of use as stated on their website.

This gives them the legal grounds to take action if they feel someone is abusing it.


You can add up to 99 cameras of your choosing

But the question I have is , are the cameras for your folks on your account or do they have their own accounts that they use to view them ?

If they do have their own separate accounts, and you want to add their cameras to your unlimited plan then you would have to add their cameras to your account

So basically delete their cameras from their account first and then have to add their cameras to your account so that you can add all of their cameras to your unlimited plan in your account

This is how I had to do it , maybe someone can offer better details

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I guess I’m breaking the “Terms of Use” :man_shrugging:t4:

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The problem with this scenario is that the cams at the second address would then need to be shared back to the parents’ original account for them to view them. In doing so, cams shared to the parent’s account would then have limited capabilities and functions. Shared cams cannot access the SD Card footage for example. And, any global rules or settings changes from the subscription account, for notifications for example, affect all cams at both locations for all account users, shared or not.

If, on the other hand, they were to all use the same login account, then you run into issues with multiple users changing settings and having access to cams that perhaps they don’t want shared.

Notwithstanding the User Agreement problem pointed out, the logistics of multiple cams at multiple locations for multiple accounts with multiple users all assigned to one subscription account will be frustrating at best, inadequate at worst.


Yes , if OP is in the same scenario as me . Then if her folks already have accounts with Wyze and have set up cameras on their accounts but OP wants to add their cameras to OP’s unlimited plan then she would have to add her parents cameras to her account first and then add the cameras to the unlimited plan and then share them to her account for them to view their cameras.

We still don’t know if OP is in this exact scenario but I was just wondering

For me and my scenario , it is not a problem . My folks aren’t too gifted when it comes to these phones that we use so mine dont have any rules or need to view playback or mess with any settings or etc . My folks just really know how to open the wyze app and open the camera group and view events . That’s really all they know

This is not mean to be taken seriously , but just offering insight onto what I had to do for my scenario if OP is in the same one as me .

We will have to wait for a follow up and see what she means by “other” cameras as in other cameras in her app or other cameras from other accounts…?

Yes that is breaking the 'Terms of Use" :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Just don’t tell no one :smirk:

You mean like the 100,000+ forum users. :rofl:


I’m guessing that doesn’t count all the unregistered lurkers. :slight_smile: We love all the lurkers too.


Apologies for taking so long to answer. They have their own registered and I have full access of course since I have to manage them. Then yes, I have my own. So I basically have control of all of them. They live less than 1 mile away but wouod love to keep everything simple to say. Im not trying to break rules but it would financially help them out this way.


Your parents , they have their own separate wyze accounts right?

But all of the cameras were set up on your account and then you just shared the cameras to their accounts?

Yes that is correct

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Okay so yea what you can do is when you sign up for the unlimited plan just assign all of the cameras both yours and your parents cameras to the unlimited plan

That’s what I did earlier this year , I have 10 wyze cameras at my house and 6 at my moms so when I bought the unlimited plan I just added all of them to then unlimited plan

Although be aware , some users have made it known that we are violating the “Terms of Use” because all of the cameras have to be at one location under an unlimited plan, but I won’t say nothing if don’t :smirk:

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