I’m about ready to dump this and I have 15 or more devices

So I have had over 20 devices on several accounts with cam plus and cards in each device over 3 properties all with excellent WiFi and I’m about done with it.

My biggest issue is I can’t get anyone to talk to when I want to optimize as they evolve and I have cams that routinely “forget” they have a card in them and can’t show me what I need when I need it.

I pay for like 10-12 cams Individually and recently called or chatted can’t remember only to find out the only way to get all cams on their all included plan which I pay more than today is to jump through all kinds of hoops.

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If you are talking about Cam Plus Unlimited, yeah, you would need it separately for each location. The terms and conditions to use it is that all cameras on it must be for the same location and on the same account. If you have cameras at different locations and/or on different accounts, then they technically don’t qualify to all use the same Cam Plus Unlimited subscription.

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In theroy couldn’t you still put a camera at a different location and still link it to your account? It just needs to have wifi access. Then you could use groups to group them by location and share with other people as needed?

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Absolutely. And you can use cam plus on the cameras at different locations…BUT you’re not supposed to buy Cam Plus Unlimited ($99/yr to cover up to 99 cameras on Cam Plus) and use Cam Plus Unlimited licenses to pay for cameras in different locations. Otherwise, I could just have everyone in family and my business and setup their cameras on my account and get cam plus for free, or have them pay me half price or something. That violates the terms of the unlimited plan. It is only intended to cover all the cameras for a single location, not resell cheap licenses or give them to extended family for free, etc.

You can absolutely have cameras on your account for as many different locations as you want. Dozens of different locations is fine, in theory…but they all need their own cam plus licenses instead of the Unlimited licenses per the Terms of the agreement.


Thanks for the follow-ups. I should have been more specific. I used to have them in multiple locations before I moved 3 years ago . Now all are on one account at one location. The issue is less about the licensing and more about the difficulty changing plans. When I spoke to them they said the only way to make the change is to cancel the subscriptions now ( they are yearly) forego whatever is left on them time wise I am assuming and then sign up for the single plan. That’s not my biggest issue though it’s a pain.

My biggest issue is the cameras are unreliable in recording and play back of what’s on the internal cards. It shows the card is installed in most cases but can’t do the play back. I’ve done various things like reboot or remove the card or reformat any most times it’s working when I am done but I never know when it’s going to fail.

That makes them almost useless.


Same issue. I have multiple cams. Dating back and to date. 2, 3 and all versions of pans last 2 aound never worked at all. So $45x2 on nothing w/ no replacements. Now I cannot find events. Not recorded is the problem, sd blah blah blah Even w/paid still problems. A person is motion 73 percent of ghe time. My cheap doorbell video and I mean cheap shows all incidents on the timeline. I can go right to the timeline and see everything as it is highlighted with sound and i also can view live with sound. Perhaps i should go with cheap video doorbells. Lol

BUT NOW on my android devices I have no sound on live Viewing. The app disables it. Then it disables my sound on any android device. I tried other androids even a sndroud tablet. Same issue. I have been with them since version 1 and somethings are better and somethings are not but the reliability is just is not there anymore. That is the most important part of security. I cannot rely on Wyze. I want a solid reliable system as much as wireless can provide anyway. I cannot do without sound. I cannot even listen to my dog let alone if someone is breaking in. If canera not pointkmg directly at a subject i cannot hear if breaking in. Everyone has blind spots. That is a deal breaker.

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Thanks for the clarification. It sounds like a customer service rep misinformed you related to upgrading the subscription.

@WyzeMatt (Head of subscription growth at Wyze) has reassured us multiple times that if you are going to upgrade to Cam Plus Unlimited, Wyze support is supposed to give you a prorated credit back for all the other single license subscriptions that can be put toward the Cam Plus Unlimited price so that the transition in doing an upgrade is smooth and satisfying and leaves no hesitation.

Can you please post your support ticket number for that interaction where the support rep told you that you’d have to forgo whatever is left on them so I can make sure to pass it on to someone who can get that rep some coaching that they are misinformed about how this upgrade is supposed to work?

I also tagged Matt in this comment so that he can reassure you that if you upgrade to Cam Plus Unlimited you qualify for a credit back on all the unused time for your single cam plus subscriptions (it may be a credit or a gift card depending on whether you got the subscriptions from Wyze website or through app (Wyze has less control if you ordered through the app since the subscriptions are actually done through Apple/Google that way, so they have to offer a gift card in that case).

As for your SD cards, that is weird. Have you tried a different SD card? In this case, I would recommend getting a card with more storage and is rated as “High Endurance.” I don’t think I’ve ever had an SD card go bad in my cameras, but most of my cameras have 128GB-256GB cards, and most of the 2K cameras have high endurance cards. High endurance cards are specifically designed for security cameras that record 24/7. If a card doesn’t say high endurance, then technically, using them in a smart camera voids the warranty because they’re expected not to work very well, even though some do last, many don’t.


This is correct.