Separate accounts on same Wi-Fi?

I want to get each of my 5 Grand kids a Wyze cam for their room. Is their a way to keep each isolated from the others while still using the same home WiFi network?
I’m wanting to build trust & tech skills at the same time.

You should be able to do this if each one is setup on a different WYZE account


You could get a WiFi extender for each grandkid to further keep them separarted and accoutable. That way they would have their own WiFi and own Wyze Account. You would maintain administrator control.

My favorite WiFi Extender:

It really is very simple but you will have to create an email account for each of them that way they can login to the Wyze app. The cams don’t care at all about the WiFi and it doesn’t cause any problems. They won’t be able to access the other cams unless they go in and share it with them. To create an account you need an email and they technically can’t create one of those until they are 13 but you could do it for them. You could create 5 Gmail accounts in just a few minutes and have them something easy to remember like and set the password.

Thanks that’s what I thought just wanted to make sure.

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