Sharing tips and questions for camera used to monitor senior?

Is there an FAQ or manual for sharing of a camera?

I have setup at my home for cameras, locks etc and everything works great, but I have questions about a new install and sharing for a senior. From what I have read the person that setup the camera will have full control and they can revoke sharing at anytime.

  1. Anyone that receives a sharing notice will need to have loaded the app and created an account, and they don’t need to have any devices beforehand?

  2. Will the person that is sharing (not the owner, originator of the camera account) receive push notifications?

  3. Can that person or persons that are sharing the camera adjust their own notifications/alerts?

Any other tips for use of a camera and/or sharing for use with senior / caregiver(s) situation?

thanks in advance for your help!

This thread is a good idea. I hope a lot of people see it and post their ideas.

I did not think this up, but am posting it here so its included.

Put a Wyze camera on the floor under the bed, or attached to the underside of the bed. Turn on detection. The idea is if a senior gets up at night or worse - fell to the floor, the camera and detection would alert someone to call for assistance. On the floor would reduce the imposition to the person’s privacy and still provide notifications.


Thanks! Great idea

  1. They can’t receive a notice without an app & account, as the notification is via the app not email. Also, you can’t invite unless they have established the account. Their account does not need to have any devices.

  2. They will receive push notifications, but can turn them off or create their own rules.

  3. See 2.

You can actually set up the account for them and check the mechanics of it. Then just give them the ID & password, and tell them to change the password if they like.


Thank you, good info

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@Newshound, Nice work. Excellent explanation. Even I understood it this time. :slight_smile:

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