Motion and notifications

Hello I have 3 Wyze V2, all recording on motion detected on a certain zone, Is there a way to keep 1 or 2 cameras recording the events (and upload to cloud if possible) and the other be the only one that push notifications?

In my case I have 2 cams that are inside the house and I dont want the notifications but I want the recordings, and for the one it is outside I really like to be notified.

In the app the only I see is turn off or on ALL notifications, not for each camera. And if I turn off the motion on the cameras inside they stop recording, the only “solution” is to set record all time and set the “alert schedule” to 1:00 to 1:01 (I would still get those alerts in that minute) or something like that, and the one outside on motion full time, but this isnt a real solution for me.

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Camera by camera notification control is something that’s planned for the future. I’ve added your request for it to Wyze’s feature request tracker.

In line with notifications, would it be possible to add a feature where you can turn off notifications independently from recording? Currently from what I understand, if you want to record motion, you have to receive the alerts.


Use case: I’d like to record motion all the time, but I only want to receive alerts at certain hours (example, only get alerted at night if the camera detects motion). Having the cameras motion alert you in the middle of the night if they detect something is very useful.

You can turn on/off push notifications in the app by tapping the gear icon from the Notifications tab in the app. You can also turn on/off push notifications via IFTTT which will allow you to schedule this.

The only downside is that push notifications are all or nothing; there is no camera-by-camera control over push notifications. As mentioned above, that is something that’s planned for the future.

thanks! I was watching the HowTo videos on youtube from the Wyzecam channel and it was saying that the detection notifications were hand in hand. But I can see that it has been altered some to turn the on/off. Yes having the on/off for notifications does help.

I guess if i want, I can manually turn it off and on when I want them (notifications) for motion detection. Each night I will have to turn it on and each morning I’ll have to turn it off. Unfortunately IFTTT doesn’t have a scheduled feature available, it only has a trigger to provide an alert but you can’t tell it when to send those alerts. Stringify could accomplish a schedule, but I’m not sure if Wyzecam is compatible. if it was, that would solve everything :smiley:

Anything that can be triggered by IFTTT can be triggered by date/time. Create a new applet. For the THIS step, choose the Date/Time trigger option. For the THEN step, choose any of the Wyze actions you want to use. You are not restricted to using only the already-supplied Wyze applets. You can easily create your own that are triggered by date/time.

RickO – Thank you! ahh I see that I can have the condition time and there is a Wyzecam notification off / on. Perfect!

Just FYI - I have a very small YouTube channel that I will be reviewing this on(this is the reason for the purchase). Is there any projected timelines for new cameras such as an outdoor one or wireless ones? I emailed Wyze a few months ago trying to see if any samples or info could be provided but I unfortunately never received a reply.

Thank you for all the help.

An outdoor camera is a very popular request, but to date, Wyze has not announced any firm plans. Generally speaking, new products are not made public until they are ready for release.