App location tracking

I have 4 wyze cams (only 3 currently set up), and I would like to do three things:


  1. Have the app track when I'm home vs away so I can get notifications only when I am not at home...except (see #2)
  2. I would like to have a setting to override this, and always get notifications from certain cameras.
  3. I would also like an option for a time between notifications (i.e. a camera tells me about movement at 10:00 am, allow me to pause notifications for a given amount of time)
My reasoning for this request is as follows: I have two cameras inside, and will have 2 cameras outside. I would always like notifications from the outside cameras, but only want notifications from the inside cameras when I am not at home...


This would be an amazing feature for an already AMAZING product.

Right now, you can use IFTTT to accomplish #1. Click the Support link at the top of this page and search for IFTTT for more info.

Notifications (as opposed to motion detection) are all or nothing as of now. There have been many requests for cam-by-cam notification settings, and this is probably coming in a future update.

However, for #2, you could use IFTTT to turn of motion detection for the indoor cameras when you’re home, which would then result in no notifications from those cameras.

I was going to use the motion detection option of IFTTT, but it says it does not work on shared cameras…and all of my cameras are shared with my wife (although I am the “owner”).

As long as you log IFTTT into your primary account, it should work fine. The not working with shared users means that the shared user can’t control the camera using IFTTT through their account. But you can still control it through your (primary) account.

Thanks for the clarification. I will give that a try.