Shared camera and IFTTT integration

I have just ordered a couple of these and had some questions that I didn’t see answered when I searched the forum. Here’s what I’m trying to accomplish:

My wife and I will want access. I have the main account and I know that I can share it with her, but she won’t really have any way to change settings. I’d like to use the “push notification when motion is detected” feature, but was hoping to use IFTTT to turn it on/off as I leave the house (via the geofencing feature). In order for my wife to do the same thing, it seems like this wouldn’t work since she can’t change settings from the shared account.

Now that I think about it there’s another problem. If I have her use my “master” Wyze account to link with IFTTT then this would occur:

  1. I get home, which turns off notifications.
  2. She leaves, which turns on notifications.
  3. I'm still home, so that's no good.
So since the IFTTT trigger only occurs when someone leaves or enters, this probably will never work. Bummer. <div></div>

The Wyze account is not the problem. You would need IFTTT logged into Wyze with the master (not shared) account, but it doesn’t really matter which account is logged into the Wyze phone app. IFTTT does not look at that.

However, the bigger problem is that IFTTT doesn’t have an option for “when the last phone leaves” in the geolocation trigger. There may be some tricky way to construct this with some intermediary triggers/actions. But if there is, I don’t know how.

Update: Did a little Google search and apparently this can be solved by using IFTTT triggers from Life360:


That’s a great article and would definitely solve the problem - thanks! I’ve heard good things about Life360; SmartThings presence sensors via the phone GPS generally stinks and I’ve heard people rave about Life360 there too.

Curious about how to solve a similar issue. I setup my camera and have push notifications ON for motion alerts. I made an IFTTT rule to turn alerts ON when Nest thermostat is in AWAY mode. It also sets alerts to OFF when Nest is in HOME mode. It sounds like this should do the same thing as described above without needing to use Life360, right?

Should I share the Wyze camera(s) with her on her own account or log in to the app on her phone with my credentials? What are the pros and cons of both?

Also, IFTTT has actions for Wyze to turn off alerts or turn off motion detection. Is this so that you can disable alerts for one or more specific cameras while still leaving alerts on for one or more others? I have a v2 and a Pan installed currently, but I am not using alerts at all on Pan right now. If I was to have two (or more) cameras with motion detection ON and alerts ON, such as one looking at my front yard and one in the basement, if I wanted alerts no matter what for the basement, I could toggle motion detection on the front yard camera based on Nest Home/Away mode but leave the basement camera on all the time?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I believe the answer to all of your questions is “yes”.

As to having her have her own account and sharing the camera, or logging her phone into your account… it just depends if you want her to have access to the camera settings. Since the IFTTT actions are being run under your account, it makes no difference from an IFTTT standpoint.

Thanks Rick! I actually just found a video from Wyze that mentions as a “shared user” she won’t be able to see video from the SD card. Since this is something we will both want (we have a Pan in the living room to check up on the dog when we aren’t home), I think I will just log in to my account on her phone. I don’t care if she has access to the settings, she just wants to see the cameras.

Thanks again!

Edit: I just manually switched my Nest to AWAY mode and then back to HOME. I walked into the garage (where the camera is) and I didn’t get an alert. I checked the app and see that the push notifications toggle is OFF. Looks like it works :slight_smile:

Now I just need to nail down the sensitivity in the garage because it triggers for moths and other bugs flying around in there at night.

I wonder why Wyze decided that a shared user can’t access to the SD card. That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. It should be configurable, ie. “give shared user access to SD recordings” On/Off.

i got mine working well with two phones using nest home/away assist. One thing that will help is to turn off additional sensors in the nest device. This way it is only deciding if you are home or away based on phone location. this improved accuracy for me. it can easily tell when 1,2 or no phones are home and turns wyze camera motion and notifications accordingly.

good luck