Newbie Question About IFTTT

Due to an issue with our apartment management, we have decided it is necessary to get cameras for our apartment. After some research I went with WYZE. In doing my research, I did find out that you can use IFTTT to do geolocation and have the cameras turn on or have the motion detection turn on when we leave and turn off when one of us gets home. My question about this is:
When I set up the cameras, do I just keep all the settings on default?

Thanks in advance. Sorry if this is a repeat question. If so please let me know and I will remove it and search for the original post.

I would think you’d want to set things in the camera app to your liking, i.e. if you are using a mSD card (which I would presume you would if you are trying to capture something more than 12 seconds and with the 5-min cooldown), you’ll want to set it for either continuous or record on motion. You may want to set a detection zone, etc. Then just use IFTTT to turn on or off the motion detection. I don’t think you can set it up for multi-person geofencing, or I could be wrong. I use a combination of IFTTT and Stringify to have it turn things on and off depending on when the last person leaves or the first person arrives.

Thank you @tsatrans. I did find an article through this community that shows how to set up with multi-person geofencing using IFTTT and Life360. I will link it below.

Original Discussion:

Article with IFTTT and Life360:

I just meant I didn’t think you could do it with IFTTT alone. :slight_smile: Good luck!

Ok, haha, I just realized I don’t use IFTTT & Stringify for that one, I actually do use IFTTT & Life360. Funny! I combine IFTTT & Stringify for some other automations.

Gotcha. I will let you know if it works for us. I am hoping it does.

You can do single-phone geofence with IFTTT alone because the IFTTT phone app supports a geolocation trigger.

For multi-phone geo, you need a third party tool such as Life360.

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