IFTTT Location Triggers

Half question/tip together. Has anyone else experienced issues with IFTTT not triggering location based applets? When I get home it works about 80% of the time for disabling motion detection, even with my proper location set (see tip below).

For the tip, check your location setting if you’ve been gone for a while. I left the country for vacation and IFTTT thought my home location was about 5 hours away when I came back.


Yeah my IFTTT location trigger is always flaky. Sometimes it detects I’m home hours later so having it turn on the lights when I get home isn’t really useful.

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I gave up using IFTTT location services … and starting using LIFE360 iPhone app (not sure if there is an Android app). LIFE360 is great for setting up all kinds of geofencing.

LIFE360 and Wyze works perfectly (so far, for a couple of months) at tracking all of our family members and their locations and turning WYZE on or off.

I have IFTTT set up so that when the “LAST FAMILY MEMBER” leaves the house, all cameras enable motion detection. And “WHEN FIRST MEMBER” returns home, turn off motion sensing on all cameras.

Check out the LIFE360 options in IFTTT … easy to set up your own rules.


@todwatts but doesn’t it require the IFTTT to know when you leave a location? Mine doesn’t seem to know that consistently

require IFTTT to know when you leave.

IFTTT does offer location services but I’ve found it unreliable.

LIFE360 is great at tracking locations for multiple family members (or just one). LIFE360 has seemed rock solid at tracking us. You can set up a home location.

IFTTT allows you to create your own combinations. So after setting up LIFE360 to track our comings and goings, I created my own IFTTT.

“IF LIFE360 senses that our last family member has left our home location, THEN turn on motion detection event recording on all my cameras.”

“IF LIFE360 senses that one of our family members arrived back home, THEN turn off motion detection.”

So I no longer use IFTTT location services. Hope I made this clearer. Check out LIFE360 options in IFTTT.


Ok that makes sense now. Thanks! I think it has an Android app too.

@brennanmuir, you can try to turn on the option to have IFTTT running in the background to see if that helps too

Yeahs I have it alert me when the trigger goes off but it doesn’t disable the camera

Awesome, I’ll give it a try!!

I too found the IFTTT location service to be unreliable for turning off camera notifications.

I removed that applet and replaced it with one that triggers when my phone connects to my home wifi. This worked fairly well, but the Android trigger that does that was sometimes slow to fire.

I ended up replacing that one with another applet that fires when my router detected a connection with my phone. It works instantly and reliably.


@Wrecks0 Mayo ask what app you are using for detecting wifi connection? Hopefully there is an iOS equivalent.

I used to use the Android device service as the trigger, but now I use the TP-Link Router service.

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Hey, just wanted to follow up with everyone with what I did. I signed up for Life360 and used that to trigger my location preferences. While I do like the WiFi trigger, I wouldn’t want to trigger on/off every time I go get the mail, talk to a neighbor, or have the occasional disconnect in the backyard. Plus, my lights turn on/off based on location too with HomeKit, so my lights would turn on and trigger the motion detection before I make it up the driveway.

Thanks everyone!

Any other options around using wifi connect/disconnect or location services trigger from IFTTT. Ever since I upgraded to Android 9, the wifi applet no longer works. Just trying to turn off motion detection when I’m home. Maybe Life360 is only option?

Hey Aszatkowski,

I had mentioned above I went with the Life360 route and it’s been performing perfectly. I’d go with that option!

I am a bit confused with setting up IFTTT (that happens easily :smiley:)
In IFTTT there are actions to turn the cam on and also to turn detection on. Do I need to activate both?
When I am home, to avoid getting notifications all the time, should I turn off the camera, Event Recording or Notifications?

It worked when we left home but how can you switch it off when you go back home?
I thought the applet worked both ways but it only switches on.

I made my own applet. Will see if it works.

You have to make a trigger for leaving and one for arriving.

If I leave, turn on camera

If I arrive, turn off camera

Thanks for posting to use Life360 to create location triggers. IFTTT’s “location” trigger is so unpredictable it’s useless, except for migraines.