IFTTT suggestions (Turn notifications on when leaving home and vice versa)

Hey all!

I just need some help setting up IFTTT or, something to get my cameras to do what I need them to.

Right now I have 5 Wyze cams. The issue I’m having is with 2 of my internal cameras.

I would like to turn notifications on when I leave and turn them off when I’m home. This is because these cameras are in my office and family room. They record continuously regardless, but I don’t need notifications when everyone’s home. I want those to come to my phone only when I’m (or my family) are not home (I know this can be done with life360).

I found 3 IFTTT applets that seem to more or less fit the bill, except 2 of them don’t specify the camera, so it seems to be an all or nothing type of thing. I can’t use this because 2 of my cams are facing outdoors. These are on at all times and I want them to notify me 24/7. The applet that is perfect, only allows me to select 1 camera, not 2 and unless I’m missing something (and I very well could be! I only just got back into IFTTT, you can’t have 2 identical applets, right? So I can’t have 2x applet ABC running for different cameras, unless I can, then tell me how please). I could set this up for 1 of my cameras, but then I have the other to think about.

If anyone has suggestions on writing/creating my own applet for doing this, any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I’ve tried a few times but what I’ve come up with already exists and the ones that exist, I can’t use for the aforementioned reasons.

Thanks in advance!

Notifications per camera is in testing, you should have more flexibility to control when this feature is released.



Has this been released yet? If not then when can expect it to be?