I need a little help with ifttt please

I recently purchased two Wyze cameras, one to use at home and one to use at my small business. I have successfully created a few rules to manage when I get notifications for the camera at work. The issue I’m having is with my home camera. I’d like to set it up using IFTTT so that when my phone is connected to my home router, notifications from my HOME camera will be turned off. When setting up the applet in IFTTT I only see the option to turn off all notifications. Unfortunately this will also disable notifications from my work camera. I would like to be able to turn off notifications from only certain devices.

I considered creating two different Wyze Cam accounts then linking one camera to one account and the other camera to the other account. However I don’t think this will work because I’m pretty sure my phone will only give me push notifications from the account the app is currently signed into.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hello @joez71 and welcome to the community.

The only way I can think of to achieve this currently is to do the second part of the IFTTT applet as either turn off device or disable motion detection. If it were me personally I would install an SD card and have it set on record motion and then have the IFTTT turn off motion detection. That would stop the notifications but still record events to the SD card. I know it is not exactly what you are looking for but it is all I can think of right bow.

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Thanks for the reply Jason. I’ll give that a try.

You can technically do this if you want to buy a Wyze Plug and leave it plugged into the wall doing nothing. To do it with a Wyze Plug, make your IFTTT action turn the plug on or off, then make a rule in the Wyze app that turns notifications for the cameras on/off when the plug turns on/off.

You may want to vote for a Wyze Virtual Switch functionality. This would make complex interactions like this more accessible and easy to use, without the need for a plug that does nothing.

Very nice! As it happens, I already have a plug. Thanks!

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