IFTT App leaving home does not work properly

I am currently using these two IFTT apps,enable motion detection when I leave home and disable motion detection when I am home.
I find that the disable motion detection when I am home works just fine, however , when I leave home I get the notification that I have left a specific area, which is fine but my Wyze camera does not turn on the “ push notifications “ which it turned off when arriving home.
How do I correct this?

Can you post a screenshot of the IFTTT applet you’re using?

This is one of the apps

This is the app that does not turn on notifications

A couple of things… this app enables motion detection for all or multiple cameras. It does not enable notifications, which is a separate applet.

Second, each applet has separate location parameters. You should edit the applet, specifically the location trigger portion, and make sure the location for that applet’s trigger is really set to your home location with an appropriate radius.

For what it’s worth @heshie75v, I created my own IFTTT recipe. When my phone disconnects from my home WiFi, my Wyze app push notifications get enabled. Then I reconnect to my home WiFi, Wyze app push notifications get disabled.

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Thanks for your quick response, and I see the error of my choice of applets.
I chose this other one and this one is definetly not working. Can you help?

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I don’t use the Wyze applet for that, so I am not the best to assist you in using that one. I highly recommend creating your own recipe within IFTTT, and trying that instead. You go to “My Applets” and press the “+” at the top-right. The rest should be self-explanatory. If you have trouble, press the “?” at the top-right of the “New Applet” page.

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