Wyze cams and IFTTT

IFTTT has published applets to interact with our Wyze cams via Google Home and Alexa, and maybe others. I am using the ones that turn on motion detection when I leave my home and turn it off when I get back.
My question, does this override the settings on the cameras? Do I need to leave the settings blank? If anyone knows the facts about this I’d appreciate the info.
-James (San Diego)

It functions as a “remote control” for the Motion Detection switch in the camera’s alert settings. If the switch was on in the app, and you turn off motion detection via IFTTT, then when you go check in the app again, you will see it’s been turned off. And vice versa.

Awesome, thanx!

LOL! So I just found out something. Stupidity on my part really.

So I installed IFTTT and started using the “Disable motion when I’m home” applet. And that’s it. So after a few days, I checked the notifications in the Wyze app. There was none ever since I installed IFTTT. Why? Because I never installed the “Enable motion when I leave home” applet. LOL!


Okay I think I’m getting the hang of this IFTTT.

I’ve been using the the Disable/Enable motion detection when I’m home/Leave home applets for a week. I decided that I want the motion detection enabled while I’m sleeping. So I figured out how to create my own IFTTT applet to turn motion detection back on at around 11:30pm every night.