Problem with WyzeCams when returning home

OK - here’s my WyzeFlow - when I leave my house, I turn on “Detects Motion” and “Detects Sound” on my two WyzeCams. One is a Wyze Cam V2 (firmware and one is Wyze Cam Pan (firmware Both are set to “Send push notification”.

Here’s my problem - while I’m gone I receive notifications from both cams, no problem. When I return home, before entering the house (usually from out front, in range of my home network), I go in to the software on my Android to turn off the detection of motion and sound on both cameras. Here’s where it gets flaky. When I go in to the Wyze app to deactivate the settings, the first time I open them, the motion and sounds settings are greyed out, as if I had never turned them on when I left. I have to go out of the Event Recording Settings, and come back in a second, and sometimes a third, time, for the settings to show as turned on (which indeed they are, but not showing correctly).

This is getting very frustrating, because I can never quite trust that the settings had been activated when I left the house. This makes absolutely no sense, and my guess is that it’s a bug. Android version is the latest update from April 2019, running on a Galaxy J3.

Hey there Jbourke,

Wyze cams support IFTTT, so you should totally use Wyze works better with IFTTT and Location works better with IFTTT. This way it automatically does this when entering/exiting an area.

For now, you should restart both cameras and reinstall the Wyze app. If this doesn’t work, let us know.


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Thanks Keener. I’ll try that tomorrow.

Joe Bourke

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Sounds great.

Let us know how it goes.