Setting not keeping

Settings not staying after I set them. All day schedule turns off, motion detection turns off and notifications turn off on all of my cameras

Welcome to the forum! Make sure you are connected to the live view before switching to the settings menu. Make the setting change, wait a sec for it to save, then exit the menu. You may not be connected to the camera to make the change. See if that works for ya.


I have Wyze 4 Cam v1 and v2, Pan Cam, and 3 Outdoor Cams and they all turn off motion in the Event Recording settings all the time! My garage cam is there to record Amazon Key delivery’s but I never get a notification or recording because the function is ALWAYS turned OFF! I turn them all back on again and they turn off. I use IFTTT to turn on notifications automatically when I leave my home. It is driving me crazy and I am considering dumping all my Wyze cams and probably all my Wyze sense products for Aqara or Circle cams that are both HomeKit compatible right out of the box. I bought my first Wyze cams when Wyze first appeared and I was satisfied with the proformance but now they are not behaving correctly and that is UNACCEPTABLE . I will contact the Wyze Support team to see if they have any suggestions / fix. But I wondered how many others out there were having the same issues. I suspect it isn’t just me.