Wyze Virtual Switch

It would be really useful to add a “virtual switch” into the Wyze app. The UI would essentially function the same as a plug. If these could be added to Alexa, (or Google Assistant or IFTTT) it would unlock a lot of potential to make everything play nicely together.

For example, Alexa current supports sunrise/sunset scheduling, something the Wyze app can’t do yet. I tend to get a lot of false positives at night due to headlights, and it would be cool if there were a way to automatically mute notifications at sunset. If there were a virtual switch, I could:

  • Make a routine in Alexa that turns off a virtual switch at dawn and on at dusk
  • Make a rule in Wyze that uses the virtual switch as a trigger to mute and unmute notifications.

That’s just one example. It would also work the OTHER way. For example, Wyze can send me notifications when a sensor is left open for X amount of time, but Alexa can’t do the same. (I know that sensors are still sorta beta-ish on Alexa, but I’m using it already and it’s obviously coming.) If Wyze had a virtual switch, I could do this:

  • Make a rule in Wyze that turns on a virtual switch when the door has been left open for 2 minutes
  • Make a routine in Alexa that says “Door has been opened for 2 minutes” whenever the virtual switch is on, then turns the virtual switch off again.

I’m just thinking this may be the easiest way to add a lot of more advanced functionality to rules and schedules, without adding tons of complexity to the logic.

I have a specific use case for this, But as I state in this post, they will be releasing native support for wyze sense for alexa. Allowing you to do what I do in my post, without any of my steps.

Thanks, seems I had already upvoted it before I clicked the link. Likely found it late last night.

Alexa Notifies on sensor open/close

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This is mainly the only thing I use SmartThings for, I don’t even own any SmartThings devices!
It sure would be awesome to be able to utilize those without IFTTT, making it much faster!
The only other thing I use it for, which would also be cool to see in Wyze rules, they have: if, and/or, than.
So you can get a lot more creative in your rules with those options.
For example: if contact sensor opens & bulb is on, then turn off bulb & turn off plugs.


Really?!? Only 66 votes for something so critical?!? lol

I first started seeing discussions about this well over a year ago, maybe two.
Previously, my interest in this topic was simply a matter of being aware of it (having been using virtual devices of all kinds in SmartThings for many years), and watching to see when it gets implemented.

Now…I’m not only shocked, but disappointed, because I think it may be the solution I need for this issue with Alexa on the Wyze Band…

If I had virtual switches in Wyze, I could probably fix my Alexa situation, because it would allow me to isolate a huge part of the problem (The voice processing portion of the Wyze-to-Alexa integration), and remove it from the process altogether.

The thing is, the Wyze-to-Alexa integration seems to be able to handle very, very, very simple things, like turning on a specific device, but when asking for a more complex sort of interaction, or attempting to get it to run an Alexa Routine, forget it.

With Wyze-based virtual switches, I could just ask Alexa on the Band to turn on a virtual switch…or actually, a virtual contact sensor would be better… (again, a very, very simple task that Alexa on the Band could probably handle), and let Alexa (or IFTTT, or ?) handle processing whatever else may be involved to make the rest of the desired automation happen (I mean, all I freakin want to do in the first place is talk into my wrist, and have it trigger an Alexa Routine. This does not seem like something that should be so difficult.).

p.s. There is no SmartThings instance in the mix for the project I’m working on. Otherwise, I would off-load the virtual switch needs to that (which is exactly how we all do it, for those of us who have it).

How is this still not a thing?


Create a virtual switch for Alexa

I have a routine that turns on Alexa Guard, sets my Smart things to Away, and to enable door and window ZigBee sensors to send me notifications for vibrations or open status. There is Home and Away settings. When I am home, I have set that home turns of notifications. When I am away, I have to open the app to set this.

I would like if there was a way to add some kind of switch that by option in settings of Wyze app, it adds a switch as a routine item. So in the Alexa routine, I would like a way to say, set Wyze to Away or Home. That is okay. Then I can simply tell Alexa, I am leaving and it will automatically do all of the above and set Wyze to away automatically for me. Set to home as well.

I should also be able to say, “Alexa, set Wyze to Home” or Away.

Thank you. I hope to see this feature soon, so I can add this to Guard on and Guard off routines.

This is a fantastic idea, tops my list of wyze feature requests. So many options would be at my fingertips through Google home instantly if this was added!