Wyze Sense Contact Sensor - Alexa Notify

As much as we are all anticipating the coming feature for alexa to be able to notify us in the event one of our wyze sensors are opened/closed. I have spent the past 2 hours in forums, and in apps figuring out a workaround that allows for alexa to notify you when a door opens using the wyze contact sensor.

It’s a longer one, but I’m going to be a thorough as possible.

First thing you need to to is: have alexa’s app installed
Second thing you need to is: Create 4 virtual devices for samsung smart things using this guide I found here: [Release] Virtual Alexa Switch/Button - Community Created Device Types - SmartThings Community
You create the handlers on the smart things developer portal.
The developer portal is on this next link as well. (sorry can only post 2 links, I’m a newbie) Follow this guide to create 2 new virtual devices in smart things: FAQ: Creating a virtual Device - Wiki - SmartThings Community

You create one set of 2 handlers per single contact sensor. More on this in a bit.

Once you have created the handlers in smart things dev portal.

Add them to your home

Open the alexa app and link samsung smartthings

Now it gets a bit tricky.

You essentially have to use IFTTT to trip the sensor for smartthings with the wyze sensor as seen in this photo:

Then, once you have successfully triggered the switch with IFTTT and WYZE, you ask alexa to preform actions based on the switch you just turned on via IFTTT.

Now, you use both the handlers to switch off the switch once the door opens. Otherwise, the switch will only fire once and you will have to somehow switch it back off to get it to fire again. As of right now, alexa is notifying me anytime my front, or back door opens, with a customized announcement from the echo of my choice, with a notification that details which door is open.

Takes some tricky working out, but I got it working. Knowing my luck, they will release native alexa support days from now for wyze sense. Oh well, it was a fun project. Let me know if I can help.


Nice. You should also go here and vote for a Wyze Virtual Switch, since this would enable the same functionality and remove about 15 steps. Haha.

I don’t have any WYZE contact sensors yet, but I installed Smarthings compatible sensors on my front and back door. I wanted Alexa to notify me with a custom phrase upon opening and closing. I spent a few hours trying to figure that out. On the Smarthings forum someone posted I need to disable the Smarthings skill in the Alexa app, then enable it, then run discovery. That worked perfectly for me.

This can now be done completely in the Alexa app. Cause the Alexa app to discover the applicable WYZE cams, and motion and contact sensors. Create an Alexa Routine that ties a WYZE sensor event to a constructed Alexa Announcement or action on an Echo device.

If you want to use a WYZE plug, lock, bulb, switch, doorbell, smoke or CO alarm, or sound for the event trigger, you will have to use a third party app like IFTTT to create an IFTTTrigger for the Alexa Routine.