Wyze email plug-in?

My life is so automated with direct deposit, auto-pay and home gadgets that people wouldn’t know if I became injured or dead till at least a week or so later. ( I check in with family once a week.) I live comfortably alone.

I would like to put a contact sensor on my fridge door. If I don’t open the fridge door within 48 hours send an email for my family to check on me. If I dont open the fridge door within 48 hours I may be dead or on vacation. It sounds easier than wearing an alert button around my neck.

Besides, I can see other happier uses for an email plug-in.

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Probably a way to do this with IFTTT

I wouldn’t trust IFTTT with my life but now that I think of it do I trust Wyze that much?

For non-essentials, I will have another look at ifttt.

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I don’t really ‘trust’ IFTTT but the longest delay I have had is about 10 minutes, so I could handle 10 minutes after I am down 48 hours lol

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Very true. :grinning:

I don’t think it’s currently possible, because IFTTT can’t be triggered for “left open/left closed” events like the Wyze app can.

I made a wishlist item the other day, to create a “Virtual Switch” in the Wyze app. If they add this ONE functionality to the app, (and obviously add the virtual switch as a trigger and action to Alexa, IFTTT, and Google Assistant) it would unlock tons of potential. Basically, it would allow you to automate one or more actions outside of the Wyze app based on anything the Wyze app can already do, and it would allow you to automate one or more actions inside the Wyze app based on anything Alexa, IFTTT, or Google Home can already do.

If a Wyze Virtual Switch functionality existed, you’d do this, in this scenario:

  • Make a rule in Wyze that turns on a virtual switch when the fridge door has been left closed for 48 hours
  • Go to Get Started - IFTTT and make an IFTTT service that uses the virtual switch as a trigger to send an email.

Technically, you could accomplish this today if you wanted to leave a Wyze Plug plugged into an outlet doing nothing except waiting for your fridge NOT to open. But that seems like a waste of a Wyze Plug when the functionality could easily be added with an app update. (It shouldn’t even require much dev work on the backend. They’d basically just duplicate the existing code for the Wyze Plug and remove everything related to the physical item.)

Please vote if you like the idea. I’m trying to rally support. I’m convinced this is the single most powerful thing they could do to improve integrations across the board. It would allow you to create your own rules that work the same across all of those apps, and Wyze wouldn’t need to add a million different conditional triggers to IFTTT, Alexa, and Google. Just one trigger for the Virtual Switch would let you automate based anything you can already automate from in the app. (Or vice-versa – based on anything you can do in IFTTT, Alexa, or Google Home)

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You are correct you can’t do that through IFTTT by itself, I forgot there is no left closed option, I also use WebCore to do things that require more, like the virtual switches you talk about. I basically have virtual switches for all my WYZE products in SmartThings

Right. I’m not in the SmartThings ecosystem, personally. Either way, it would be preferable if Wyze had a virtual switch in its own ecosystem, so that you wouldn’t have to bounce things between three services to get Alexa to do something, for example. (Especially since it requires IFTTT which can be pretty spotty at times)

Thanks for the reply. I like the idea and voted for it.

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Thanks. It looks like I need to learn about WebCore.