Send SMS Text Message on has-been-open-for Event

Right now, I have an automation set to turn on a light bulb (action) when a door sensor has been open for X minutes (event). This works perfectly. I can see in the smartphone app that one can also send a push notification based on this event. This, too, works perfectly. For this event (has-been-open-for-X-minutes), I like to send a SMS text message, too.* I’ve searched this support forum and also IFTTT, but can’t find the answer. Can someone point me to a how-to page or explain how this can be done? The common application of this automation would be to put the door sensor on your garage door. After 10 or so minutes of remaining open, send a text message.

Unfortunately, I don’t think this is currently possible. You can vote for these wishlist items which could help enable that kind of functionality.

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