Use person detection to turn on Wyze plug

I know person detection is going away but I still want to experiment. Can someone tell me if this is possible and what steps to take to set it up? Also, if it is possible do I have to use a Wyze brand plug or will any smart plug work? Do I have to have Amazon Echo to make it work? Just trying to figure out what is possible and what components are required. Thanks!

It’s possible. Here’s what that would look like in the app. No Echo is needed for this. But be aware that the event fires about 12-15 seconds AFTER the person appears. It doesn’t happen until the notification comes through, which doesn’t happen until the clip is uploaded. (Or the first 12 seconds of the clip, if you use CMC)

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Also – currently it’s not possible to use Person Detection as a trigger with Alexa or IFTTT, so it would be limited to a Wyze Plug. However, something like a Wyze Virtual Switch would make complex interactions like this possible if you use another service like Alexa, Google Home, or IFTTT, without Wyze needing to manually mirror every piece of functionality from its core app into those services. Personally, it’s my number one wishlist item, since it would unlock a lot of potential for integrations. Basically, it would make complex interactions possible without the need for Wyze to add a lot of complexity. :slight_smile: Be sure to click below and vote for it if you’d like to see it happen!

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Will this ever be possible? I would love Alexa to tell me someone is standing on my porch from a person detection trigger from my camera… Or to trigger other Alexa tasks.