Usig Person Detection notifications

I have everything set up and working with person detection on my Cam V2s (I have Camplus) and regularly receive notifications and videos. I would like to be able to use those notifications to trigger another device … ie switch on a light. Anyone done this or got an idea on how to do this please?

I don’t know if you can use the Event notification itself to trigger a device but you can use the event itself.

This should also be trivial to do with Alexa routines! They now directly support Wyze person detection events.

That is a great idea and I wish it would work for me but the Wyze Alexa routines only work in the US and Canada and I am in the US. To get Wyze Alexa to work for me I would need a valid US address and I have not found a way around that.

I should have put a proviso on my original post … I live in the UK where the supply is 220/240V not 110/120V so I cannot use the Wyze plug or Wyze bulb. I guess what I need is a Wyze switch that can be triggered by (say) Wyze Cam V2 and runs off a battery or USB supply (like Wyze Cam). I’ll just have to send that in as a wish list item. But thanks for the though and taking the time to respond, appreciate it.

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I see mixed reports on the plugs but the bulbs apparently work fine at 220. Search the forum for more.

As to Alexa, I have seen several reports of valid workarounds for that - you basically temporarily switch your Amazon account around. Again, you can search the forum.