Cam Plus Person Detection integration with IFTTT

Hi all, I’m trying to use person detection with my Wyze Cam 2 - Cam Plus Service to trigger my alarm Siren, just in the same way I do now with motion and sound detection. I use Smartthings from Samsung to automate my home. Is there any reference on how to do this? I cannot find an Applet in IFTTT that supports Person Detection.

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I have a couple of IFTTT apps that turn my Philips Hue bulbs on, etc. based upon my v2 Wyze cam(s) detecting motion, but don’t see a trigger for person is detected.

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Wyze used to have this and then they must have gotten rid of it. I’ll tag @Frederik to confirm.

We usually don’t remove feature so I don’t think it was ever present. This is something that I would have to check with the team to be sure.

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Ok, I never noticed. I do know its in the Alexa app, right?

Yes. It is in the Alexa app and we are looking at adding it in google home right now.

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I asked in another thread but will ask here too, are these triggers, Alexa and Google, supposed to work with the Person Detection Pilot?

I guess so, yes. I never joined any pilot but since I get person detections I imagine that’s what I must be in. After discovering devices in Alexa app, both per camera PD announcements and Alexa routines based on Wyze PD are working well.

If you don’t have Cam Plus you must have the Person Detection (Pilot).
Should show in Account > Services.

Nope. Person Detection. No “pilot”.

watching this thread. this will be a game changing function if it is made available. frankly the only thing that’s going to make wyze cams and sensors useful as a security camera/system is this: IF motion detected on x sensor OR person detected on x camera (ideally can make conditional when all home members phones are AWAY from home THEN…send a text/email/cause a siren to go off in your home, AND, also, a siren of some kind on your phone. without this kind of application, wyze cams to me are a nice way to check in on your dogs while you are away (with some exceptions possible). We have to find a way to make it so you are alerted to persons while you are away. Emails/notifications for every motion/sound etcccc are completely useless, I pay zero attention to wzye alerts because they alert on every motion. hopefully answer/ person detection working with ifttt will appear in this thread once available. to be fair nest cams also have failed to create this basic and obvious function. if an intruder (person, not cat) is present in a certain spot at a certain time when im away (or any time), i dont want a push notice, i want a siren on my phone that cannot be ignored. i cannot believe this feature is not already available/obvious.

Alexa Person Detection announcements and routines already work quite well for a lot of us.

Why can’t person detection notification be implemented ? Not motion but person.

Sorry, I’m just a user/customer like you. Maybe a Wyze employee or Forum Maven can help you with this.