Doorbell and person detection

I activated cam+ on my Wyze doorbell. I was hoping to create a routine in Alexa with a trigger IF PERSON WAS DETECTED at doorbell, then announce that a person is at the door. To my surprise, activating cam+ on the doorbell does not show a trigger for person detection in Alexa. only “if doorbell is pressed”. Alexa does not take into consideration that the doorbell has a camera and considers it to be only a doorbell with a push button. End result: I will drop my cam+ subscription for the doorbell. What a pity!


CamPlus will allow you to utilize the Wyze Notification process and Alert / Notify only on the AI process. I have the doorbell as well and use CamPlus for Wyze Notifications and remove the need to select All Motion and minimize the false alerts. I also turned on Alexa Announcement when the button is pressed and turned on Wyze VoIP so it makes a call to my phone. This actually helps as it is different from a normal notification. This may be a beta feature, don’t remember.

Just something to consider.

I completely agree. I would like to have Alexa announce when a person is recognized on doorbell whether the button is pushed or not. I can do this with my v2 & v3 cams. Seems like it could be included in an update even. The doorbell records an event and even has notification for a person detected (without the button being pushed), so why can’t we select it as a trigger within Alexa app?

I know this is a late reply, but just in case it reaches you, I’m wondering what is this thing about VoIP that you mentioned. I haven’t seen this anywhere in the Wyze app.

I am using Android App version 2.27.33 and iOS App Version 2.27.33 (5). Under Account > Notification > Push Notification > Voice Over IP

This is where you can enable the Doorbell to call your phone when someone pushes the button.

Do you see that?

As an “alternative” to a doorbell, this is what I do…and, IMO, it’s better than a doorbell. I have a regular V3 with person detection mounted at the door, as well as a Echo Dot mounted where the doorbell usually is. The V3 notifies me thru an Alexa routine that someone is at the door and the Dot tells the visitor he has been recorded and that I have been notified of his presence, At that point I can send additional automated messages to the Dot, or if I want, I can speak with him thru the V3 (or dot). The automated response routines are time of day sensitive, so they can be less “polite” at strange hours. You can even add alarm sounds if you want and have Alexa trigger extra lights. In any case, this works for me and I think its better than any doorbell.