Outdoor Cam, Cam Plus, Person Detection rule

https://support.wyze.com/hc/en-us/articles/360040347471-Introducing-Wyze-Person-Detection states that person detection is not supported for Outdoor Cam and Video Doorbell. However, with Cam Plus, both devices can send person detection notifications.

For the doorbell, I can create a rule that triggers on person detection and it works.

For the outdoor cam, the only trigger is motion detection.


Is this a bug, and if not, is there an explanation why the video doorbell can do it and the outdoor cam cannot (with both enrolled in Cam Plus)?

Little bit late with an answer here but do you have Cam Plus on your outdoor cam and is it activated ?. I did have cam plus on my 4 WCO and it worked great for "Person Detection or AI events. I removed the CP for other reasons. If you do have an activated license for CP on your cam open the app go to account> services > cam plus > tap on the camera in question and see what notifications are enabled.

Thanks Antonius. I do have Cam Plus on and have person detection enabled for both my WCO’s and the Video Doorbell.

The person detection notifications for all work great.

With the Video Doorbell, I can create a rule to trigger on person detection and it works as well.

With the WCO’s, there is no rule option to trigger on person detection. Only motion. It’s not like it doesn’t work… it simply cannot be selected as it is missing.

Since I’m paying for person detection, and it works on the video doorbell, I expected it to work on the WCO’s. If a WCO can alert on a person, it makes total sense that you should be able to use that in a rule. So I think it is a bug of omission in the UI.

Sorry I have never used rules for anything. Someone smarter will come along and give you advise, hang in there. This is the settings for the only CP camera I have found in my account.

Welcome to the forums! The person detection you linked to I believe is the “legacy” pay what you want person detection, the predecessor to camplus and the successor to xnor. Camplus and it’s person detection do work with the doorbell and wco, whereas the legacy OD is only for the v2 and pans as they were the only products out when the legacy PD was offered.

Ah, ok. That explains why it says it doesn’t work with WCO’s. Thank you for that.

Still, the issue isn’t that person detection doesn’t work in my case ( because it totally does), it’s that the WCO’s do not have the option to use person detection in a rule.

That link I posted was given to me by support as evidence that person detection does not work with WCO’s which is incorrect given that I have Cam Plus.

This is completely NOT an answer to your question but can you get your WCO person detection to trigger in Alexa? You could use the routines there instead…

That’s the thing… I had set that up through Alexa and I think it was actually working for awhile. However, it isn’t now and I can’t even get person detection announcements to work with Alexa.

Super frustrating since I bought Cam Plus and Wyze bulbs for the specific purpose of having them turn on when any of the WCO’s or the Doorbell detects a person.

Great suggestion, though! In retrospect, I could have added that in my initial post.

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Some have found that renaming the camera helps, and/or removing the camera from Alexa and rediscovering (say Alexa, Discover).