Outdoor CAM PIR does not record Person detection

First, I have 1 Outdoor Cam that I installed in August 2020. It records PERSON detection until this morning.

Today, Oct 15, I received another two Wyze Cam Outdoor. Installed them. Updated the firmware. Later, was told by support to update the Wyze app as well.

The two new WCO do not report any Person detection. I was told by support that PIR is not supported on WCO. Here is what he said:

“(07:01:10 PM) Neil: Weird, as far as I know person detection doesnt work yet with the outdoor cam even on previous updates”

Have they really removed PIR detection on WCO?
Can someone tell me if your WCO is recording and reporting Person detection?

Since I reported that my old WCO is reporting Person motion, so sorry to find out that it is also not reporting Person detection.

PIR is Passive Infrared, this does detect the heat signatures of people and the WCO does this, but it just tells you motion is detected

Person Detection is when you get a notification that a person is detected, this is done through Legacy Person Detection or Cam Plus, which are not currently available on the WCO and never have been. Cam Plus should be available son.


This is my WCO attached to my palm tree. This is what I got just today from my old Wyze Cam Outdoor.

My 2 brand new WCO which arrived today and installed with the latest firmware and app does not report PERSON motion.

Here is my old WCO today.

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Here is another PERSON detection from my Wyze Cam Outdoor.

See our postman.

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Here is the complete video of a Person detection.


Here is what we have on the Wyze website when we try to order Wyze Cam Outdoor.

I am confused. Support told me it is not a feature of WCO. Yet, Wyze order page says otherwise. Plus, I have camera videos the prove that PIR Person detection is supported and has been working for at least 2+ months now.


Oct 15 logs

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Oct 14 logs of Person detection of Wyze Cam Outdoor

Let’s move back to Oct 6. Here is the log of PERSON detection of my Wyze Cam Outdoor.
Two people already told me that the feature is not supported. But the Wyze order page said otherwise.

My request is for my 2 new WCOs to work with Person detection too.

Amazon guy captured as PERSON and not as MOTION. It happened just now. So this camera still has the PERSON detection. I hope Wyze does not remove it. :crossed_fingers:

Cam Plus will be available soon, and they were/are testing it, my guess is that on one of those cams the test portion is running and the other two it is not.

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I don’t need Cam Plus. 12-secs video is enough for me.

I just need my 2 brand new cameras to report PERSON detection. How come they are not doing it like my old Wyze Cam Outdoor?

In settings, tap services, then person detection. Make sure its turned on for those cameras.


@joedel263 has pointed out the possible missing piece!
You have to go to https://services.wyze.com/ and select the legacy user person detection, then enable person detection on your camera. You can also do this in the app by going to account, then services, then chose the camera(s).

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My Outdoor cams are not listed in both website and app.

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I’m already subscribed to this one.

I know adding a V2 triggers a cam plus trial. I dont think WCO does this, but if it did then that would cause the new cams to not show up on the person detection tab (they’ll be on cam plus)

It doesnt sound like this is whats going on, but its only other thing I can think of.

Do you also have PERSON detection on your WCO?
I have it on my old WCO but not on my 2 new WCOs.

I have two outdoor cams at two separate locations. Both were early access units and both have person detection.

Its likely a system setting somewhere, just a matter of finding the right one.