Person detectionn

Can anyone tell me why Wyze cam person detection sucks? Literally had a person in my backyard for 5 minutes snooping around checking doors and even went up to the camera and waved and said hi and all I got was 1 lousy “motion detected” notification…

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There should be better notification settings as well. I should be able to set it so I only get person notifications that actually alert me with sound (If only the person detection works). This way I don’t have my phone sound on and get 200x notifications a day with my tree branch moving and no I can’t set the detection area smaller as it is important to view.

Would also be nice if the camera had an option to say “person detected” (again the person detection needs to work properly first). I use my cameras inside pointing out the windows so I can see outside. If i could get proper notification setting or “person detected” sound then it might wake me up and I could prevent a possible home invasion.

Wyze has terrific integration with Alexa for announcing person detected at (camera name).

That’s cool I don’t have Alexa maybe I’ll have to get one just for that! Thanks

You can do this under notification in the camera settings, turn off notify on motion, turn on notify on person.

This could be part of the issue of it not detecting people properly, I have some mounted outside that work great detecting people but the ones that go through glass have issues, especially at night

Unfortunately there is only an option for me to send notifications based off of “motion” or “sound” nothing for person detection.

Also I looked up the best ways to set up the Wyze cam through glass as at the time there was no outdoor version (which I have issues with the one that’s out). I turned off the IR light as I have a motion sensor light outside. I haven’t had an issue with it detecting people before maybe with the odd vehicle driving by being detected as a person but that’s it. The glass has little to no glare to effect the camera.

What cameras do you have pointing outside? Is a WCO aimed through a window?

Since you said this:

Do you have the legacy person detection? Or camplus? Under either service, you need to select and enable which camera has person detection so that the “person detected” checkbox will show under detection settings.

Well it would help if I had cam plus apparently I was only on a trial… and the cameras I have are the regular indoor.

I am looking for a set 6 of outdoor cams for my rental and would like to stay with Wyze because I like it. Unfortunately the outdoor cam doesn’t meet my needs as I need them to be wired/ not have to change a battery & connect more than 4.

Thanks for the quick replies tho!

Ok so now I got cam plus for 3 devices but only connects to 1 they were all the same cam bought at the same time

What are the three devices and their firmware versions? And did you get three camplus subscriptions?

yes 3 subs and 1 that it works on is and the other two are on and say they are up to date

I got it I had to flash the cameras and they work now. They were stuck on older firmware some kind of bug. Thanks for the help!!

They said they were up to date because that was the RTSP firmware and updates are disabled because RTSP firmware is no longer being worked on and doesn’t support any future features. The first big note on the RTSP firmware page is RTSP is not a stock feature with the Wyze Cam and is a beta feature that requires the installation of different firmware. Using the RTSP firmware will prevent the camera from supporting any future functions or features in the Wyze app.. Not a bug, by design.

Glad you finally got it working! Is the person detection working now for ya?

I see this was posted two years ago…

Last night, My Amazon Echo Show, gen 3, announced this as “Person Detected”… a bit unnerving to think I had someone behind my house at 11:46pm.

Is the “Person Detected” a function of Wyze making that call? Or is the Echo Show making that determination?

Based on this false detection, I would have to disagree with “terrific” person detection


Well, okay. But on the other hand at that ground angle he looks 6 feet tall with long legs. :slight_smile:

To answer your question it’s likely Wyze, however I understand there is also a limited person detection ability of the Echo Show itself, with a 7 minute cooldown. That would only apply to its internal camera though, I think.

I didn’t see the disclaimer that person detection will determine that a raccoon is a person, if the camera is placed at ground level… :slight_smile:

Interestingly enough, it happens very infrequently, Normally the little bandits make a break for it without being mis-specied like that… :slight_smile:

I’ve had a V3 label a hummingbird as a person, when I had that V3 directly across from a hummingbird feeder that attached to a window.

So Wyze is an equal opportunist when it comes to getting the person detection incorrect.