Wyze Doorbell person detected notifications keep repeating on Echo devices

In the past few weeks I’ve had a recurring problem which is becoming a showstopper for us. I’m not sure which end the problem is on, but there’s something going on with the Alexa integration. Randomly, it will just start repeating the person detected notification over and over again. This is ONLY for the Wyze doorbell. This is not happening with the outdoor cams or the pan cam. The only fix each time is to completely disable the Wyze skill in Alexa. When I enable it again, the problem is fixed, temporarily, until it happens again. Since we’re not getting rid of Alexa, this is making the Wyze Doorbell unusable for us.

Has anyone else seen this issue?

I have been experiencing this since last weekend. However, I don’t think it is actually repeating, I think Amazon is a little delayed. When I opened my Wyze App and went to the events tab, there were no notifications. As I was hearing Alexa announce, I found where in the event chain it was and was able to trace it as it was announcing. It would be interesting if you can track it in your events area as well.

Now I know some will say, it is Wyze and their AI Notification Push. Yes, this has been an issue in the past. However, My colleague is also having the same issue with his Hubitat system - Not Wyze. I also experience it with my Hubitat system as well. So I cannot say it is actually a Wyze issue.

BTW: I have been dealing wigth Smart Home Technology starting with SmartThings to Hubitat and finally to Wyze. I am in the process of switching out Hubitat for one ecosystem - Wyze. I just have a few bulbs left. :slight_smile:

This is a recent problem for us too, which is interesting. It wasn’t happening when we first installed the doorbell, and it’s weird that it’s just been the doorbell (so far).

If it is the delay, it’s got to be an extreme one. We just had a bout of notifications and I finally just unplugged my echo’s to shut them up, after 12 notifications. But we’ve only had 5 total doorbell events today, and I got a notification during those as well.

Yea, I experienced many notifications coming in and just dealt with it as I am a beta tester as well. Don’t work for Wyze, just like their products and trying to help.

If it is only Alexa Notification and not your phone, you can try reloading the Wyze Skill.

One other thing I have done in the past, if it is solely 1 device is the following. Not sure if you are Android or iOS, go into the App and Clear the Cache by clicking on the Account, then app settings. The first option is to clear the cache, do that, then shut the app down.

If you have Android I added these steps:

  • Long press the App Icon
  • Tap on App Info
  • Do a Force Stop
  • then tap on Storage and Cache
  • Tap Clear Cache

Then close it all down.

Go into the app again and click on your camera’s to make sure everything still comes up. I will cache the image. Then see if that helps.

I know this is on the phone, and may not fix the issue as Alexa will talk with Wyze to get the notifications. But it is something you can try as well.

It’s not just Wyze, my ring products are also doing this. I think this is an Amazon server-side issue.

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Yea, that is what I was saying also. Glad you can confirm that as well.

How do you get the ability to have Person detection as a trigger from the doorbell in the Alexa app? I only have the option for a “doorbell press”.

I don’t believe you can yet. I have a Camera also above my door which picks up a broader area and a Wyze Motion sensor on my porch. So I can get notified from any of those and set Alexa Rules based on that.

I normally use the CamPlus with the Doorbell and alert via the Wyze App when a Person is detected on the Doorbell.

Yeah… Little did I know that another camera (doorbell) doesn’t have the same abilities as a other camera (Outdoor). I mean, it’s a camera, right?

I’m getting tired of this lazy implementation and lousy marketing/Information campaigns. I got a doorbell camera so that I wouldn’t need to have a camera inside peaking through a window (which can’t use night vision) or an Outdoor which I have to charge every 2 weeks.

I agree. I also had had the Eufy doorbell. Not sure about now, but then it did the same thing.

However, with both, you can tell Alexa to show you the Doorbell and it will.

Hi All, Just reading through this thread. I must be missing something. I don’t even have the option for person detection announcements from the Alexa app for the Wyze Doorbell. I’ve missed this considerably since I utilized Ring before and apparently Amazon doesn’t ring the doorbell when delivering the majority of the time. Is there something I need to reset or configure to allow Alexa to notify on person detection for the doorbell? Thanks in advance!