Wyze Doorbell sends multiple notification to Alexa


I am having an issue with the Wyze doorbell and Alexa routines.

I have 2 doorbells, one for the backdoor and one for the front.
I have setup 1 Alexa routine for each, basically announcing when that doorbell is pressed. For example “There is someone at the front door” is announced when the front doorbell is pressed.

Now the issue is that I get 2 announcements every time any of the doorbells is pressed. Alexa announces “There is someone at the front door” when the front doorbell is pressed once!

Please let me know if there is a solution.


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Do you by chance have the default announcement (that I think you get when you have Cam Plus) turned on along with the routine you created?

No thats off.

Hmmm, what if you disabled your routine and tried the built in one as a test?