Wyze AI Notifications today - Sunday 10/17

All Day today I have 10/17/21, I have been getting sporadic AI notification on the Wyze App. I get the Alexa notification, but nothing from the app. To confirm it is not an Alexa issue, I open the app go to events and see the Live Person Detection going on.

Curious if anyone else experiencing this?

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I had this over the weekend.

Cute Story, about missing PD notification

I’m out of town at a convention, and my neighbor’s kids left a bunch of treats on our doorstep, knocked and ran away, came back, knocked again and ran away (it was supposed to be anonymous). Very cute… Though funny they thought it could be anonymous at my house.

Cam Plus recorded the entire thing, and even detected the event as a person detection, but it never notified me.

The next day one of the daughters came to pick up all the stuff they left for us, and that time I was notified. I thought it was a porch pirate because the first notification I got was some teenage girl stealing stuff off my porch… But then I investigated and found they were the ones who left the stuff on my porch in the first place.

Sad I didn’t get a notification about the first 2 times they tried to knock and run though (my oldest daughter was home, but apparently Alexa never announced someone was on our porch either.

I also didn’t get a PD notification today when my daughter went to work, but it did tag the event of her walking out the front door as PD, just no notification today. So it’s been in and out for me over the weekend for some reason.


Glad it is not just me. May need an AI server reboot. :slight_smile:

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is it back to normal now?

I seem to be getting notifications regularly, Thanks for checking.

However, the only issue with AI I still have is with my V2 Camera’s. I get no AI notifications at all. I have a v3 and a v2 sitting side by side, the v3 notifies of person the v2 only says motion. Been working with @WyzeBaohua on this. We have tried different versions of firmware to see if any work. I believe the prod FW version worked but I am testing the beta releases. So now waiting for an updated FW for the v2.



DId a few more tests today as the mowers were here. Even though the system did report Person etc., it was delayed in the notification. by about 1 minute in my case. Seemed to stay on Live in the Event tab while they were mowing and then about a minute later the notifications started.

Just got an Alert from Alexa about a person the Driveway, but no notification from the phone. Logged into the camera and did see the person walking by. Looked at the event and it did capture it as well.


@WyzeShawn , may have responded too soon.

This morning at 4:47am Eastern Time, my wife was leaving to go work out. I was alerted/notified from the Front Door (VDB) that a person was detected. Howevr, my Porch Cam, Driveway Cam, and Garage Cam - all v3’s, did not Alert/notify at all. I looked in the events tab and the camera’s were tagged with person. So although the events are accurate, the Notifications are not.

BTW: When I say notifications, I mean notifiations to the phone - bnoth iOS and Android.

EDIT - 10/22/2021

@WyzeShawn @WyzeGwendolyn @WyzeBaohua

Just wanted to pass on that today I am not getting any v3 Notifications to the phones - iOS or Android. However, Alexa does announce when a person is spotted. In addition, the VDB does provide Notification of a person.

Not sure if something is going on with the AI servers and connection to the phones / Mobile Devices but inform you all. I looked at the Service Status Page I see that this is still there:

10/8/21 5:00 PM PT - We’re seeing a drop in the success rate of Cam Plus Event playback. While the strong majority of videos are playing as expected, we take this seriously and are working with our partners to investigate why this drop has occurred and repair it. Thank you for your patience.

Not sure if it is related. As a side note, I am getting notification from my contact and motion sensors including Complete Motion Detection from one of my v3 Camera’s. But the AI part is not functioning for me.

If you would like me to do some testing or provide logs, please let me know.



@WyzeShawn @WyzeBaohua

Just wanted tp provide an update:

The v3 Camera’s are reporting person but sporadically. This morning (10/24/21 at 6:42am Eastern Time), my wife went to workout again and I received no notifications to my phone, but Alexa alerted and the Events tab in Wyze was tagged as Person. There should have been 4 notifications as there are 4 camera’s which picked her up. Then at 7:34am there was a person and pet detected which I was notified of, probably because there was a pet found in the video.

I just got another notification from Alexa and no notification on my phone. This event contained a Pet and Person, so this nullifies what I was thinking above.

Wanted to pass this on.



Thanks. Did this only happen to your V3? So, did all AI detection reported by your V3 not send notifications to your phone?

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It happened only on the v3’s. My VDB worked fine. The v3 recorded the event to the app, but there was no notification to the phones (iOS and Android). occasionally I do get the notifications but not often or continuously.

EDIT: In every case, Alexa did notify without failure. That is how I knew something was up.

Got it. Could you send me the MAC of your V3? Just want to make sure, did this happen to all AI events? For those events you got notifications on your phone, are they all motion/sound events?

Happens on all of my v3’s regardless of the AI settings. The only events I get to my phone is All Motion events. I will provide (DM) you with Mac Addresses for 3 V3’s

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