Notifications from V3

This is my Setup

  • App Version: 2.17.31
  • OS: Android 11. Note: Ran the ADB Command to turn Doze mode off
  • V3 FW:
  • V2 FW:
  • WCO FW:
  • WCO Base FW:
  • WCO Base Plugin:
  • CamPlus subscriber

Yesterday, I was receiving notifications as expected. However, between yesterday and today I am now getting sporadic notifications (had only 1 today, but there has been many) from the V3’s of person detection even though Alexa Announces it appropriately and it shows up in the Events tab in the app. My V2 does not seem to be affected.

Does anyone know if Wyze is working on the AI Server processing side?

Also note: when the V2 and V3 was both notifying, the Persons captured on the V2 would notify within 10 seconds or less, the V3 would be longer, not sure why. I have a V2 and V3 side by side.

I have noticed that a reboot will sometimes help with my V2s…

Just checked mine, I don’t see any issues. Are you wanting AI only notifications or all? I’m not sure if this is still the process but I recall when cmc or cam+ 1st started wyze said person detection was still only on the 1st 12 seconds, but I’m not sure if that’s still the case.

actually I was just comparing my notification history to actual events. My push notifications auto disable @ 4:30pm, I had a event @ 4:18pm that had both person & vehicle tagged in the event, but the actual person detection wasn’t until 33 secs into the event, so I wonder if person detection for push notifications is still on the 1st 12 seconds but if a person is detected in the entire event it will be tagged as such & maybe even have Alexa announce it.

I will turn on my notification history – have not activated that yet. I don’t notify on Vehicle, but the tags for those only say motion. I rebooted the V3 Camera to see, I just got a couple of notifications for person.

My V2 has been solid so far. Let me ask, is the tagging of the event based on what AI you are asking for. I am not seeing any events tagged as vehicle even though it shows the greenbox around a car when it goes by.

Here is one of the video’s - Tagged only as motion and not Vehicle

I choose everything possible except for package, I only select package on the doorbell. Even though I have most everything selected, I believe I only get push notifications for person detection.

The following is my settings. I am wondering if it is the fact that you are in a different area to allow for the pilots. Notice the difference. - Wish I had Face recognition… :slight_smile:

Here is my Events tab – see the ones tagged with Vehicle, those started appearing when I selected Vehicle as a AI Notification. However, I did not get notified at all.

I did more screen shots. Got a notification at 11:09 as shown in my notification History. The App Events Tab shows 3 Notifications for person. I only received 1 notification.

However, Alexa notified on all 3.


yeah, I see the same. Vehicle detection is listed in WyzeAI, and push notifications are set to Wyze AI events, but I don’t think I’ve have ever seen just a vehicle detection notification.

Like I said earlier, I think AI notifications are only working for person detection, possibly only if person detected in the 1st 12 seconds.

I searched the support page for cam+ but it doesn’t clarify. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or intended.

Well, at least it isn’t just me. I get consistent notification from within my garage from the V3 and V2. Normally it sees a person within the first 12 seconds as you said. So maybe that is it.

Hopefully someone from wyze will let us know.

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So I think I found part of my issue with the Alerts. Today, my Alerts would not stop alerting - it was great and bad at the same time (because of all the alerts… :slight_smile: ).

Here is what I found. I was leaving the App Running on my Android and iPhone (sometimes). I even had the widgets on the iPhone running and ocnnected. When the App was open, it didn’t alert or notify me - probably because it knew the app was open. I closed the app, I also cleared cache and force stopped (Just to clear things out). I then went back in and made sure the Video Streams were working, which they were. I then closed the app again and waited. Wouldn’t you know it, the Alerts started to come in. I started the app and waited, no Alerts. So I closed it one last time and waited, and Alerts started again. So I think my issue is related to the app running or not.

Hope this made sense…

Might be a bug, Unique to me, or something that is intended. As usual, I will continue testing tomorrow and see if I get the same results. May have been a fluke and Wyze changed something on their end.

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