Doorbell Person Detection with Alexa

Has anyone figured out if Wyze is going to allow person detection triggers to be used for its doorbell on the Alexa app? The reason I ask is because I’d like to use its camera, which has person detection enabled and gives me a phone notification when someone is seen, but there isn’t a selectable action/trigger in the Alexa app to have Person detection.

Seems strange to not allow that option since it’s a camera with person detection.

There is a wish list for additional Wyze Triggers. This is a link to my input which provides a potential method to be notified via Alexa if a person has been detected on the VDB.

I would go to this location and Vote for this as well, scroll to the top and click Vote…

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That’s good stuff by frankly I don’t think this is a good match for that wishlist item. This is a need for the same person detection trigger that other Wyzecams do, and it’s actually processed by CamPlus cloud anyway. It sounds like a missing feature, not an additional one?