New to IFTTT

I’m a new user to IFTTT. Also a novice to wyze cameras. I’m not receiving IFTTT notifications like I think I should be.

My question is, if you have an applet set to send a notification but notifications are turned off in the wyze app will I still get the notifications through IFTTT applets? For example if I have the wyze app setup to send me a notification of movement Monday through Friday 9-5, but I also have an applet set to send notifications anytime I’m away from home and I leave home on the weekend, will I get a notification?

Essentially do the applets and settings in the wyze app have to be in line with each other?

Hello @JACEFORD08 and welcome to the community.

I am pretty sure they do, if notifications are off in the app then a notification will never be produced for IFTTT to realize there is motion. I have not tested this and am not at a point I can. If I am wrong hopefully someone will come along and correct me.