How to have notifications on one device only

I want to have push notifications sent to my phone for when the door is opened or sensor is hit (for wyze sensor). I do not want a notification every time one of my cameras senses motions as it looks out to a busy street. When i turn on the push notifications it sends me notices for everything. I certainty dont want to turn off the motion sensing of the camera, but i cannot figure out how to get push notifications for just the wyze sensors and not everything including the cameras. Is this feature available?

You can turn off individual notifications for each camera or sensor through the App.

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would that still allow it to record the events?

Yes. Events are recorded based on detection of motion or sound, all selectable individually for each camera. Also, each camera can be set to enable/disable notifications of its own events. Then, on a “global” basis, notifications to your phone or tablet can be enabled.

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the option on each camera you would want to turn off is “turn off push notifications” it will record and do everything normal just not send you the ever constant buzz of the notification.

Turning off individual notifications didn’t work for me. I just set up 2 Wyze Cams today. I have both cameras in the same room. I have all notification buttons turned off for Cam1 and all turned on for the Cam2 but I have notifications coming in for the same event on both cameras. If Wyze can work out some small but aggravating features to match its spectacular camera quality and price, then we will be so so happy. My device is Samsung S9. Phone and Wyze app are all up to date.