IFTTT Push Notifications Enabled Per Device?

I have Wyze cams in two separate locations. Is there a way to enable and or turn off notifications per each camera? I easily did it when I had one camera but now that I have multiple cameras in two locations I can’t find a way to make an applet that is specific for each camera. I noticed that many of the other Wyze applets lets you can choose the camera but not for the push notification option.

Yes, as long as you are using the recently released 2.0 version of the app, you can set notifications on/off per camera. Tap the gear icon from the live stream view, then Event Recording and turn Send Push Notification on or off.

You can also control this using the Shortcut feature at the top of the Home page of the app.

Yes, thank you, but I am trying to automate this through IFTTT using a location based trigger. Is making such an applet possible to do for each camera?

So sorry…I totally missed the subject line of the topic. No, per camera notification control is not yet implemented in IFTTT:

You might want to hop over to the topic below and vote for it (click the VOTE button at the top):

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