feature requests

A schedule for continuous recording. I like using continuous record, but I would like to be able to turn it off at night when not needed; the night vision isn’t illuminating much on one my cams so no use recording black.

When viewing recordings, would be nice to be able to speed up the play 2x, 4x, etc to review recordings quickly.

I’ve added your vote for both of these to Wyze’s feature request tracker. I can tell you that FF playback is in the roadmap sometime in the coming months.

thanks! A real cool feature would be a combo of motion alert and continuous record. By this I mean have the continuous record on, but highlight on the video clip where motion was detected and user can skip right to those sections.

I would like to see a separate schedule for motion and sound alerts. On the camera mounted on my outside rear patio,I want motion 24/7, but I would like to turn off the sound alerts during the day, as “normal” during the day noise keeps alerting. I know I can manually adjust it, but then I have to remember to change all the settings every night.

More advanced scheduling is coming. I don’t know for sure, but I’m hoping it will allow for separate scheduling of alert types.


Not sure if this is the right place, but one feature type I would like to see would be auto-enable of alerts when your phone/app is not on the same network. As in you leave the house so it turns on notifications/toggles alerts, and disables them when you get home. Would be a good set it and forget it feature for the app. Not sure how viable an idea it is, but I always forget to toggle the alerts on or off with a personal schedule that is not static.

I would love to see an Apple TV App allowing multi camera live view on the TV!

Already added to the tracker from your other post. Please don’t post the same thing multiple times.

If you have an Android device, it is possible to set this up in IFTTT using the Android Device > Wifi trigger and a Wyze action.

If you are on iOS, you can’t do it this way, but you can use IFTTT location trigger to accomplish the same thing.

Sorry Rick, I wasn’t sure which was the appropriate Forum