My feature requests aka wish list

Hi, I’ve used a few different IP cameras and here are some features I’d really like to see in the already great Wyze Cam:

  • Motion zones: ability to create areas where you want motion to fire off alerts
  • Transfer files from SD remotely: use either the app or browser to copy files off the SD card without having to take it out and put into a computer
  • Weather-proofing: so I can use the camera in light rain, wind, heat, cold mounted outside close to the home to monitor my driveway for example
  • 3rd party integration: IFTTT, Google Assistant, HomeKit, Alexa, Philips Hue would be great
  • Record to NAS: option to save to NAS/SMB/AFP/FTP etc.
  • Cloud storage clip length: please increase this to at least double, 12 seconds isn't enough
  • Cool down timer: please decrease this to at least half, 5 minutes is too long
  • Minimum length of motion: allow option to have at least 1,2,3 etc. seconds of motion before triggering alert
  • Email notification: during motion detection send email of image captured
  • Scrub through playback: when scrolling through playback buffer the video should update so you can quickly find what you're looking for
  • Motion alert tag points: tag points on playback where motion was detected so it's easy to find

Thanks guri1 for an excellent set of enhancement requests. Please allow me to +1 many of them and piggyback with a couple of my own.

+1 especially: remote uSD transfer; markers on Playback timeline corresponding to events; shorter cool-down; longer event clip length. I’d be willing to trade off the last two, for shorter retention time in cloud, <span style=“text-decoration: underline;”>or</span> annual subscription for more cloud storage.

  • Better motion detection. I understand Wyze are working on this but presently at High sensitivity it's hit or miss. A dust mote can trigger the algorithm, yet an object taking up 5-10% of the frame, sometimes does not. This is more common in daylight mode but for sure also happens (or fails to happen) in IR mode.
  • Disable microphone, in Settings.
  • Longer interval between credentials challenge on the app. I may be security-oblivious but on my device (Nexus 7) my email credentials never time out. The Wyze app credentials time out (new forced logon) at irregular intervals.
  • I now get it, based on posts in the Forums, that the refractory period a.k.a "cool down" between motion detection events, is 5 minutes. Would be handy for owners, to make that interval public.
  • A clip-on external lens that, say, doubles the focal length so that it's not so much an extreme wide angle.
And to the Wyze team, enhancement requests are proof positive that your users are happy but could be even more happy!

Let me add that a solar Panel with Battery like Ring offers would be a game changer for a lot of your customers.

Also a waterproof enclosure would be a great add on item.

Motion zones would be helpful as well.