Outdoor Wyze Cam Local Storage Recording Triggered From Motion Altert

As the title says, after setting up and testing my outdoor camera, I would like to see the ability to trigger local recording to the SD card via a motion detection alert. I understand not wanting run down the batteries recording full time, but I would think the ability to have a setting that you could say record for 1-30 minutes or something like that whenever motion is detected. This is something that could be toggled off or detection sensitivity tweaked to reduce excess power draw from recording to the SD card.

Just saw a post indicating that Wyze is considering just that.


I want this! I use it on my V2s and Pans!


Seems like a no brainer. I can’t believe this product was in development and beta testing for so long and this didn’t come up. I understood that the feature was needed after a few minutes.

I am a huge supporter of Wyze and love how they have brought these types of products to the masses for very reasonable prices. I am not 100% convinced they elected to not include this option to save on battery life as this would be a user option they could elect not to use. I am tending to believe some others beliefs that Wyze are setting themselves up for subscription based services, which is one of the things they stood on to market the morning first camera they didn’t do. Even still, if that is the case great, they should be allowed to make money in other ways. That’s how they grow and offer new products and services. Just don’t take away basic functions of the products to do so. Cloud based services are great and saves for you and don’t go away if the camera malfunctions or is stolen and yes, may also reduce battery loss for that type of storage (though I would think it takes less power to write locally to the card then transmit to the cloud, viewing for playback is a different story)

Let’s hope they do fix this problem and ad this feature


Record on event to the WCO SD card is coming, it just wasn’t ready yet at release


I would like to be able to use motion detection to capture clips when the camera is in travel mode. This would allow much greater functionality for capturing unpredictable events that happen outside of a schedule/timelapse and when the camera is not connected to a network. I really want to be able to stick the camera in a tree out in the woods and come back in a week to see what has wandered by.


So if the outdoor cam see motion it doesn’t do anything now? So what does the option detect motion do?

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It does motion detection when it is not in travel mode. In other words, it currently needs to be able to upload video to the cloud/be hooked up to the internet to have motion detection active.

Which probably implies that it hands the clips to the base station which in turn conducts the upload to Wyze server? If that’s true it would help explain why events are stored only on the base’s SD card and not the camera’s.

I dont have in travel mode. I have the sd card in the camera not in the base, since I dont have another sd card. But do have two ordered. If I put the sd card in the base that make motion detection works?

no, the sd card in the base station is only for “backing up” cloud events

they are working on the record events to sd cam feature, hopefully it will be ready soon



Best post I’ve seen on this topic. They beta tested for far too long to not have thought people would be upset by this. I’m all for a subscription service for things like cloud storage or even person detection, but don’t put an SD card slot on a camera if you don’t plan on letting customers really use it.


Yes, I agree this is needed and also looked to do this within minutes of settings it up.

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Record to the SD card using motion sensors and playback view.

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The WCO should also allow recording to the base station with CamPlus enabled. I have to choose between:

  1. 12-second videos stored on the base until I run out of space on the SD card, or
  2. longer videos stored in the cloud for 14 days

The video is already passing through the base to get to the cloud. Put a copy on the base’s SD card while it’s there.


I have CamPlus and an Outdoor Cam. I would rather have the event recordings stored on the SD card and control keeping or deleting the events as long as I want. There also appears to be a lag in the notification push to my phone when motion is triggered. I wonder if this is a result of the video having to be loaded to the cloud?

Finally I recently joined CamPlus and now my event videos stop when the object that caused the motion leaves the PIR effective area. Before signing up for CamPlus the camera recorded for the full 12s. Now I can record for a longer time but as soon as the object gets too far way the cameral stops recording even though the object is still within the extent of the camera’s view. I would like a toggle that allows you to turn the stop recording when motion stops feature on and off.

Nearly 2 years later, has WCO SD recording upon motion detection been delivered or not yet? Maybe in the new WCO v2?

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