Outdoor Cam - Local Storage Option

Hello all,

Did a bunch of searches on Google for the Local Storage option after I inserted the 16GB sd card, formatted it and no Local Storage option. I have followed the instructions on the hits I got and still nothing. One thing happened yesterday, not sure it is related, but the cam devices were updated as I was setting them up. I have sd cards on 2 cameras and they both show the sd cards and the option on the bottom too eject it. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


Due to battery limitations, you can schedule a recording or schedule a time lapse, but there is no local recording to the mSD card like the other Wyze cams.

Please see the support article below for full details.

Outdoor Cam FAQ


There is also a wishlist topic for continuous recording for the outdoor cam. If you would like to add your vote, you will need to jump to the top of thread and tap the vote button.

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Hello StopICU33,

Thank you for letting me know that piece of info. I am truly surprised that none of my searches revealed this info.

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You’re welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

Follow up question. with scheduled recording, movement only, how can we see the recorded content on the WOC SD card? I can only see the recorded footage in events, but no option for playback like other cams… how then are we suppose to see what was recorded on the SD card?