Scheduled Recording on Wyze Cam Outdoor

Hi folks;
I’ve just started playing with the Outdoor Cam, I have 32 GB cards installed in both the Base and the Cam itself. I can take single photos with the app and it successfully saves it to the camera card. Same with a regular video recording.

But If I try to run a scheduled video, it runs for the duration then says it’s saving it to the album, implying the camera card, but there’s nothing there. Nada. It just doesn’t seem to save the scheduled video to either the base or the camera card. Any ideas?

Maybe the album it was saved to was the one on your phone or what ever device you are using?? Check your phone/device I guess.

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The recording is saved to the card and downloaded similar to a time-lapse on a regular Wyze camera(plugged in). Check your phone’s photo album as @Antonius suggested.

Thanks all.

Yes, I’ve successfully tested and found photos, videos and time-lapse files on my tablet. Still not having any luck with scheduled recordings though. I assume these are supposed to work for the WOC?.

Am I to assume that the camera card is just used as a temporary memory then? Nothing seems to be retained when I pull the camera down for charging.

If it says it’s saving to your alum, I would assume that means your photo or video album on your phone or mobile device. You might have to go to the camera settings and specifically tell it to save to the card? Or maybe the recording scheduler has options on where to save the video. It might be defaulting to the cloud or something.